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Painless Salve "The Journey Back" Topical Pain relief :Painless Essential Oil Blend, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Extract Salve

Painless Salve "The Journey Back"

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$ 25.00

Topical Pain relief :Painless Essential Oil Blend, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Extract Salve

Product Detail:

Painless Hemp CBD Oil Body Salve

“The Journey Back”

Painless:  Is  the name of our Essential Oil Blend.  We have added Organic Colorado Grown Hemp ‘Full Spectrum CBD Oil’ to the Painless Blend.  This combination has then been added to a Hemp Seed Oil based skin salve for easy application and absorption.

This Pain salve can be used (Externally Only) for any pain or discomfort of skin, joint, nerve, cartilage, vain, swelling, bruising, arthritis, wound or muscle stress.


•       Use Externally Only.

•      Never use directly on open wound.

•      Keep out of the reach of children.

•      Always test a small amount of salve on inner arm skin for allergic reaction before using.

•      Stop use if an allergic reaction develops.

•      Ingredients used: Hemp Seed Oil, Infused Herb oils (Calendula, Arnica, Plantain, Comfrey), Painless Essential Oil Blend (by Better Yet This), Natural Coconut Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Cocoanut Oil 76,Yellow Bees wax.

•      Ingredients were chosen for their beneficial properties in the areas of:

•      Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidants, Astringent, Antiviral, Antibiotic, absorption, skin conditioning, blood and oxygen flow acceleration, cell generating acceleration and natural fit to our body system. KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDEREN AND  PETS!

Allergies: test a small  amount on inner arm before using to test for adverse reactions such as allergies…. If any Redness or swelling  do not use..

Better Yet This incorporates a holistic approach in our products by using a “Full Spectrum Hemp CBD  Oil” (Whole Plant Oil Extract). The “Entourage Effect” (multi- active components) creates over an all therapeutic balance for the whole body.  The synergistic interactions between CBD, terpenes and other Whole Plant Extracts exert additional effects of therapeutic synergy, while targeting specific symptom therapy.  This results in a lower amount required of active components, that reduced adverse effects.

Using the same holistic approach with our Herbal infused oils and Essential Oil Blends we can combine multi-active properties that create a synergetic (balanced therapy).