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Himalayan Salt Inhalers Himalayan Salt Inhalers (easy to carry size). Respiratory Therapy.

Himalayan Salt Inhalers

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Himalayan Salt Inhalers (easy to carry size). Respiratory Therapy.

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Himalayan Salt Inhalers are used to improve the symptoms of allergies, respiratory infection, asthma, smokers cough, dry cough and other respiratory ailments. Himalayan salt has many health benefits, and its use is shown to reduced inflammation, kill bacteria, yeast and other micro-organisms that cause sinus and respiratory infections. So by simply using a salt inhaler for 15 minutes a day can bring major health improvements.
 Salt inhaler therapy is a natural and effective way to improve respiratory health. This practice has a long and proven history, documented in ancient Europe. People travel from all around the world to visit the salt caves and breathe in the mineral rich air.

Better Yet This provides an easy to use, carry with you everywhere.

Use:  For best results breathe in through the mouth, and exhale through the nose.   
Repeat this process for about 15- 25 minutes, and repeat daily.