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If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Better Yet This we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. 

We offer the best in Natural Skin Care and Whole Body Wellness products. 

 Let us put our experience to work for you. Our natural products line, was designed by nature to work with and aid us in all areas to recall, restore and heal. These natural product types have been used though out our many Journeys to help keep use in balance and continue new Journeys which lead to us to now and YOUR Journey.   

"Better Yet This" has gathered and carefully combine the individual ingredients (designed by nature) to provide you with the convenience, therapeutic properties and ease of use, all in one place.

"Better Yet This" has grouped our products into 6  Balancing areas:    

Energize:  Provides your (The Journeys' Support).For our daily journey though life we need a Strong Immune System, Energy to last the Journeys’ path, The Mental Clarity to find and Maneuver through the Journey, the Emotional Strength and feeling of Well-Being to take on the Journey, the ability to Manage our Nutrition in take and Physical Weight, and a Strong Support to lift us up when the Journey is trying and testing our resolve.

Fortify:  Provides you the (Journey Strong) In our daily Journey our bodies are invaded by the unseen attackers that would weaken and disable our whole self and ability to function.   (“Thieves Vinegar” is an ancient blend of 4 essential oils known for its protection properties). Our Fortify uses 8 essential oils selected based on each of their therapeutic properties. They are then blended in specific quantities to create the ultimate in protection. Each oil is known for its properties to aid in the prevention and therapy abilities against colds and influenza, respiratory issues…. Properties such as antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-infection, antioxidants, antiviral, or aids in the reduction of inflammation, fever and pain…..

Harmonize:  Provides you (The Journeys’ Balance).In our daily Journey though life we need many things a Strong Immune System, Energy, Pain Free- Being…. All of these let use take on the known and unknown challenges The Journey holds. After we have met, achieved or over come these challenges and every now and again we need to step back, sit back, stretch out and relax. Balance our physical and spiritual self's. Harmonize with the world we live in. Let yourself relax and grow strong though peace and well-being.

Painless:   Provides you (The Journey Back).In our daily Journey though life we encounter Physical Stress and Injuries that slow and impede our Journeys’ progress and sense of whole-self. Pain can be a factor of temporary stress or injury from time long stresses. Painless uses natural plant based aids in the form of essential oils used through out time to relieve, balance and rebuild what our Dailey Journey uses or drains. Once this balance or relief is returned we are then on our “Journey Back” to our sense of whole-self.

Euphoria:  Provides your (Letting Go!).Our Journey can bring many joys and happiness enjoy it! Our Journey can also bring depression and stress sometimes you just need to Let Go, Enjoy the moment even in the middle of the struggle. If you need a subtle reminder scent has a wonderful memory and can stimulate the joy you seek. …. Euphoria is known to help with a kick start.

Balanced:  Provides the (Me Again!)  Helping with hormonal Balance.  During our Journey us women have natural events that can throw off our hormonal balance. Our life long Journeys take us from girls to women, to mothers, though monthly changes, to menopause. Balanced essential oil blend has been used by our foremothers to help off set the effects of these natural blessing and provides us a little secrete tool to keeping it all together, staying balanced as we continue in our life's Journey. Keep sane and be (Me Again)!

To Our Journeys and all that are to follow!  

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